Paediatric Play Volunteer

Uxbridge, ENGLAND | 4 months
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Job Description

Paediatric Play Volunteer


Base for post:                                  Paediatric Unit

Responsible to:                               Senior Sister

Managerial Accountability:         Volunteers Manager

Role Description

Paediatric Play Volunteers support our young patients aged 0-18 across the Paediatric wards and clinics by offering craft and play activities and story-telling in waiting areas, inpatient wards and paediatric A&E. This role is best suited to volunteers who are enthusiastic, creative, patient and sensitive to the difficulties faced by children in hospital for any length of time. Based in the inpatient play areas and other paediatric areas across the Hospital, under the supervision of a play specialist, volunteers use a variety of toys, books, craft materials and their own creative ideas to engage young people through play to support them whilst they wait to be seen by a Nurse or Doctor. Activities can be done at bedside with children and in small groups in the well-stocked play rooms.

What you will achieve

  • Helping young people and relatives at a difficult time
  • High role satisfaction and making a difference
  • New skills that engage young people through play and distraction
  • Good understanding of the role of a Paediatric Play Specialist Team
  • Freeing up time for Nurses and Medical professionals

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Taking a creative approach to engaging young people whilst they wait to be seen by a health care professional.
  • Designing simple single-use games and activities for young people to do, e.g. crafts, drama and interactive games
  • Taking age-appropriate toys to a child’s bedside to offer alternatives to television and tablet computers.
  • Reading and telling stories
  • Using the Friends & Family Test to learn about the experiences of children and families who use the service.
  • Providing basic information about the Paediatric wards and clinics, and what people can expect
  • Providing information about a range of facilities, e.g. restaurants, baby change areas
  • Notifying staff when art materials, toys e.t.c are in low supply
  • Basic sanitising of toys using detergent wipes (provided) between each child who plays with them.
  • Assisting with keeping play areas tidy and safe.
  • Understanding the Health & Safety of the play area and reporting any concerns immediately to a member of staff.
  • Taking an active and visible role to promote patient, visitor and volunteers’ Health & Safety, Infection Control, Child Protection and other key policies as relevant to this role.

Who should apply

You do not need to have any specific skills or experience to be a successful Paediatric Play Volunteer. However, the following are useful in this role:


  • A creative approach to play, e.g. thinking of games with paper and pen
  • Active listening skills and a warm and empathic manner
  • Knitting, crafting, art, basic literacy (reading), story-telling skills are helpful, but not essential to this role


  • Some experience of working or spending time in a professional or personal capacity with children and young people is desirable, but not essential.
  • A calm manner and ability to maintain personal boundaries is essential for this role.

Essential requirements:

  • Over 18 years of age.
  • All Paediatric Play Volunteers will require an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service Check
  • 6 month minimum commitment required at 3hrs per week.

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