Junior web app developer

Neath, WALES | over 1 year | Deadline: 29 Mar 2019
This position has expired. Do not apply!

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Job Description

Fantom Factory
We are a new UK company bringing consultancy and training to the building automation industry
for data analytics and controls. This is a growing and successful corner of the market in North
America with huge opportunities for programmers and digital businesses with the right skillsets. We offer bespoke web applications and software written in the new programming languages,
Fantom and Axon (JVM).

Your role
We require an enthusiastic programmer to work alongside our senior full stack developer, who
will lead your joint projects to create custom software for end clients. All essential
knowledge and skills will be taught by someone considered to be a leading global expert on
Fantom and Axon. You may also be required to talk directly to stakeholders to discuss project
requirements or to troubleshoot implementation issues.

As part of our e-learning offerings, your work may also involve some website design and
support. If interested, we can also offer some key skills development in graphic design and
marketing, sales and financial considerations for new businesses.


  • You must have a real enthusiasm for programming and a desire to learn new technologies.
  • A sense of humour and a friendly telephone manner would be desirable.
  • Fluency in English and have attention to detail (tidy code).
  • Reliable and dedicated.

The successful applicant will undergo a 2 week trial period (full pay) before any commitment to
further work is offered. Our work is very much project based and so hours will be allocated to
projects rather than set days in a week. We do have plenty of upcoming projects and the hours
offered will depend on aptitude, skills and enthusiasm.

Work from home/anywhere
Flexible hours
Learn new programming languages and technology
Introduction into an exciting new industry
Potential for international travel
Flexible holiday time
Potential for long term income

Amaze us
Things to impress us would be: – examples of programming creativity – long term goals for programming skills /startup businesses – whacky hobbies and interests – especially in Maths!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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