CO4 Solari Team Leader

Full Time | Waterloo, ENGLAND | about 1 month | Deadline: 12 Oct 2020
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary

Full Time
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Job Description

Main Purpose

As a Solari Team Leader, you will lead and motivate the Solari Desk Operators to deliver and ensure that both our customers and staff receive, timely, accurate and consistent information across Waterloo Station. Working closely with the Station Supervisor and the other functions within the WICC you will ensure that the Desk Operators are fully supported and that the flow of customer information is maintained at all times. You will coach and train the Desk operators to make effective announcements, operate the CIS correctly and liase with the CCSC at Wimbledon, platform staff at Waterloo and Customer care teams to ensure that trains are loaded correctly and train journey information is advertised accurately on the station. You will also assist in the duties of announcements and CIS operation. You will be the main point of contact in conjunction with the station supervisor for the other functions in the station.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Present yourself for duty on time and in suitable business attire, you will also ensure your personal grooming is of a satisfactory standard at all times.
  • Assist and communicate effectively with staff and customers, ensuring they are advised of delays and cancellations of service and are regularly updated with current information.
  • Operate the Customer Information System in the correct manner and in accordance with laid down standards.
  • Undertake a Customer Service support role, taking the lead in updating information to our customers through the technology available.
  • Solve problems proactively, disseminate plans and organise an efficient response to them.
  • Have full knowledge of disruption arrangements, contingency plans and methods for Waterloo Station and apply them where necessary. Work closely with the Station Supervisor during disruption to ensure service recovery in the quickest possible way.
  • Work closely with the Route Controllers to ensure that disruption at Waterloo is minimised across the South Western Railway Network.
  • Report faults as soon as possible in accordance with the SWR fault reporting procedures
  • Take active steps to ensure you maintain and update your product knowledge by familiarising yourself with: PTAN, Engineering Work alterations, Special Traffic Notices and other relevant publications and brief the other Desk Operators as required.
  • Take the lead in maintaining customer information at Waterloo and communicating it out using all agreed methods i.e. CIS, announcements and radio communication
  • Ensure you are familiar with and utilise radio protocol to effectively communicate with the other staff groups on the station (platform staff, customer care teams, meet and greet, management)
  • Proactively communicate and work with the other functions located within the WICC, both South Western Railway and Network Rail, to ensure a clear and concise message regarding train movements and information is communicated out to passengers and staff in Waterloo.
  • Organise shift cover for short-notice absence/leave on within Solari and Gateline Control Teams, bearing in mind the safety validation of the Gateline Control function.
  • Perform role of Fire Warden within the WICC Evacuation Plans taking direction from the Solari Supervisor.
  • Develop, coach and train the Desk Operators (CO3) under your supervision so that they fulfil their potential within their role. Work with the management team to ensure that all day to day staff issues are resolved and that training is identified and carried out.
  • Attend all training events as designated by the company to assist your delivery with providing excellent customer service.
  • Ensure currency of all Rules, Notices and circulars and publications, which may affect your working environment.
  • Coverage of other roles within the Customer Information Function as specified by the local manager or ‘On Call' manager.
  • Other duties as specified by the local manager.

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be a good communicator, have good interpersonal skills and be able to demonstrate empathy with both internal and external customers while working in pressurised situations.
  • You should have a good knowledge of transport and amenities available within the Waterloo area and a sound knowledge of railway geography would be beneficial.
  • You should be able to effectively supervise, direct, motivate and manage a small team of people who work with you on a daily basis.

Working Pattern

Working on average 37 hours per week.

Monday - Saturday 07:00-15:00 15:00-23:00 23:00-07:00

Sunday 07:00-19:00 19:00-07:00

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