Student Shelving Assistants with Quiet Patrolling- Spring 2017

Temporary | Leicester, ENGLAND | 6 months | Deadline: 30 Jan 2017
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary


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Job Description

• To shelve items according to the classification schemes used by the Library so that users can find the material they want

• To sort onto trolleys returned items and items used within the Library, and take them to the appropriate subject floor

• To assist with maintaining the quality of the study environment and the general appearance of the Library, and with maintaining library policies relating to the control of inappropriate behaviour and to undertake Quiet Patrolling

• To tidy shelves regularly, checking the shelf order and removing damaged items and items needing renewal of spine labels

• To answer quick basic enquiries about the location of items on the shelves, and to refer users with other or lengthier enquiries to the appropriate service points

• To respace shelves which are fully loaded to allow for the integration of new items

• To move items to new areas as required

• To check shelves for health and safety requirements and to report health and safety issues in shelf areas, e.g. leaks, lighting, heating

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